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The project report for Poha- Rice Flakes is as follows.

Beaten rice is often known as flattered rice. It is rice that is flattened into hard, small, dry flakes originated first from Indian subcontinent. Such rice flakes swell whenever applied to the water, either hot or cold, as they accumulate water , milk and any other fluid.

The size of the flakes ranges from almost translucently thin (more costly varieties) to about 4 times thinner than that of the standard grain of rice.

Usually, beaten rice is a common food for all type of folks residing in India. Most people used it as raw food in prehistoric times, which is quite simple to make and cook at home.

Now people have made various sorts of dishes by introducing sweetness or spices. It is rich in fibre and carbohydrate and also can be eaten by people who are suffering from diabetes , high blood pressure, etc. The scientific papers are also now promoting the very same thing. Another thing to note is that there is a lot of paddy available in India (and Kerala) and therefore there is no scarcity of raw material.

Market potential & Strategy

Rice flakes are delicious flakes made from rice grains. The method of making rice flakes includes parboiling the rice, then compressing the grains to create a strong flake. There seem to be a variety of rice flake recipes used throughout Asian food.

In western nations, rice flakes are often used to produce cereals and various types of snacks. When the rice is soft, the cooked grains are wrapped and then flattened. The width of the flattened rice will reflect the level of force put. After the mix has the required shape, the flattened rice is left to settle fully.

Dry sheets later run via another rotating system to generate basic flakes. At this step in the cycle, the rice flakes can be packed to be used as a dry cereal, seen as a component in side dish recipes, and used to make desserts or snack foods. Rice flakes are made from rice. It also is widely recognized as “Poha.” It’s a rapidly flowing market commodity and usually consumed as a breakfast item.

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