Project Report For Auto Leaf Springs


Project report for auto leaf springs is as follows.

Auto leaf springs are one of the crucial components of a car since they support the entire weight of the chassis and its contents. The size of the springs varies depending on the kind and nature of the vehicles. The bulk of heavy-duty load carriers employs leaf springs.


Project & Application of Auto Leaf Springs

A straightforward type of spring frequently utilized for suspension in wheeled vehicles is the leaf spring. once known as a laminated or carriage spring, sometimes known as a cart spring or a semi-elliptical spring. All cars powered by diesel and gasoline use leaf springs extensively. In addition to the newly manufactured four vehicles, the replacement of broken springs on transportation vehicles is expanding the use of leaf springs. The majority of four-wheelers use it.
Due to the vast surface area, the stress is evenly distributed across it, reducing the likelihood of fracture. Leaf springs are more compact and can support big loads.

There are numerous varieties of leaf springs, including:
• Leaf springs with two eyes
• Leaves with open eyes
A separate linkage is not required because the leaf spring serves as a linkage to hold the axle in place. It makes the chassis suspension’s design straightforward and durable.

Project Report Sample On Auto 

Leaf Springs

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The alloy steel flats are drilled and trimmed to length. These flats are heated before being rolled into the shape of eyes at each end. Steel flats are heated, and forged (while still hot) to provide the necessary camber for a given form based on the flat’s position in the spring, and then quenched in oil. These are heated once more for tempering after hardening. 

Spring flats that have been hardened and tempered have been shot blasted.
Then, numerous tests, including hardness and camber tests, are conducted. Leaf springs ought to be produced in accordance with IS: 1135/73 specification. The quality of the raw materials should be consistent with the IS: 3431/65 composition requirements.

Market Potential Of Auto Leaf Springs

Auto leaf springs are a critical component for passenger automobiles, freight vans, and other four-wheeled vehicles including earth-moving machine engines and trailers. They are also used in railroads and tractor trollies. As a participant in the component industry, we can observe the rapidly expanding Indian automotive components market. The Indian auto component industry increased by 14.3% in 2017 to reach a level of Rs 2.92 lakh crore (US$ 44.90 billion) as a result of significant growth in the spares or after-market sales.

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Market Trend

Almost 7% of India’s GDP is made up of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the auto components sector, which directly and indirectly employs up to 25 million people. India is a favorable location for investment thanks to its stable political system, rising purchasing power, sizable domestic market, and rapid infrastructure growth. One of the biggest in the world is the auto industry in India. 

India has become a significant vehicle exporter, and the country anticipates rapid export development in the near term. 14% of the market is taken up by the Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment altogether. Production of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars increased by 5.41 percent to 25,316,044 vehicles in FY17 from 24,016,599 vehicles in FY16.