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Project report for cardoon farming is as follows.

Cardoons are an artichoke-related variety of thistle that belongs to the sunflower family. They go under the name artichoke thistle.” However, unlike artichokes, cardoons’ delicious parts are the stems rather than the flower buds. Although the prickly green stalks resemble a big bunch of celery, resist the urge to start munching on one. Although careful cutting and peeling are required, cardoons are well worth the effort. The vegetable will cost more than many fruits and vegetables because it is less common in the United States.


Cardoon stalks resemble large celery stalks, but before cooking, they must be cleaned and sliced. Prickles that may be present on the leaves and stalk edges should be avoided at all costs. Your hands will be more protected and your fingers won’t get stained brown if you wear gloves when making cardoons.

A vegetable peeler, a paring knife, cold water, and one or two lemon slices are required to prepare a cardoon (a splash of white vinegar also works). Take off the thick stem tops and big leaves. Remove any leftover prickles and tiny leaves by separating the stalks and using a paring knife or peeler to cut off the entire length of each side of the stalk.

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The flavour of cardoons is extremely reminiscent of an artichoke but somewhat more bitter. Depending on the growth environment and maturity, the bitterness will vary. Cardoons are a delectable side dish or component of a stew or tagine due to their mild artichoke taste. Cardoons cook to a tenderness akin to that of an artichoke heart.

Market Potential Of Cardoon Farming

Cardoon farming has a promising future thanks to rising consumer demand and the flexibility and health advantages of the crop. The global cardoon market is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2020 to 2025, reaching a value of $1.4 billion by that time, according to a report.

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The growing knowledge of cardoon’s health advantages is one of the market’s primary drivers. They have been demonstrated to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering qualities. They are also a wonderful source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Consumers are looking for nutrient-dense foods like cardoons as they grow more health conscious.

The industry is also fueled by cardoons’ many culinary applications. They are used in a range of cuisines, from American to Mediterranean, and can be consumed raw, grilled, steamed, fried, or stuffed. Due to their adaptability, cardoons can be enjoyed by a wide range of consumers and utilized in a wide range of recipes.