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A computer is one of the most essential instruments for successfully managing both businesses and our personal life. It can be difficult to picture a time when computers were not used for a range of needs, both personal and professional. Input and output devices connect to the central CPU, which controls the computer. The keyboard is one such device that is used by everyone to enter data into computers. Due to the large need for computers, there is a high demand for keyboards. Furthermore, there is a growing demand for keyboards to suit the maintenance and repair needs of modern computers.

A multi-layer plastic or rubber structure known as a membrane keyboard is frequently used as a keypad in a variety of devices, including cash registers, calculators, and video game consoles.

Two rubber or plastic sheets are utilized in this keyboard the row conductor sheet and the column conductor sheet. A sheet with holes at the important top places divides the row and column sheets.


The row conductor sheet is forced through the hole and into contact with the column conductor sheet when the key top is depressed. Key contact occurs when the row lines on the row conductor sheet make contact with the column line on the column conductor sheet. The keyboard interface interprets this as a key closure. Keyboards typically feature 108 keys, however, 111-key boards are also widely used in multimedia applications. Power from the computer is used to power the keyboard. An excellent keyboard provides friction-free, smooth touch travel. The key bounce should also not occur on the keyboard. For ease of use, a decent keyboard should have appropriately spaced keys.

Typical keyboards have a variety of keys for various functions. The keys can be grouped into:

Numerical keys, cursor movement keys, typewriter or alphabet keys, function keys, special purpose keys, etc.

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The construction of a keyboard requires the integration of mechanical and electrical sub-assembles into a small package. Electronic circuitry is built on a printed circuit board in accordance with the design using integrated circuits (ICs), transistors, diodes, and passive components before being performance tested. 

The membrane cable, rubber keyboards, and other components are fixed on the base plate in accordance with the design as part of the mechanical subassembly. The function of the key buttons must be permanently marked on them. The integration of these two subassemblies subsequently involves positioning them for proper contact locations on the membrane. An attractive silicone/plastic casing encloses the entire assembly.

Final performance testing is performed to ensure that the keyboard meets all essential specifications. The tested keyboards are then properly encased in cardboard shipping cases to withstand stress and vibration during handling and delivery.

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The global computer hardware market increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from $1,129.39 billion in 2021 to $1,235.28 billion in 2022.

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The computer hardware industry is predicted to benefit from a fast rise in investments in smart city projects across the globe. Smart city technologies make use of information and communication technology to manage and operate urban services such as transportation, water supply, and law and order. These technologies are made possible by IoT technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fusion of computing devices and mechanical and digital items. This method allows data to be transferred across a network without human intervention and with minimal human-to-computer interaction. 

The continued growth of the computer industry provides a significant market potential for computer keyboards. As technology continues to advance, new devices are being developed, such as tablets and smartphones, which require keyboards. Additionally, the proliferation of home-based computing systems, including personal computers and laptops, has driven up the demand for keyboards.

The rise of gaming and e-sports has created a new market for specialized gaming keyboards. These keyboards have additional features such as backlighting, programmable keys, and ergonomic designs to meet the unique needs of gamers. This market is expected to continue to grow as more people take up gaming as a hobby or profession.

Smart cities rely on computers and related hardware, which benefits the companies that operate in this industry. In 2021, APG Algemene Pensioen Groep N.V. announced an additional €500 million ($585 million) to the “Smart City Infrastructure Fund” for the development of smart city projects in North America, Europe, Australia, and other key global urban areas. Smart cities are gaining popularity in poorer countries as well. For example, more than 1,000 smart city pilot projects are either ready or under construction around the world, with over 500 of these initiatives located in China.