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Project report for Latex Foam  as follows.

The transport and tourism industries employ rubber latex foam in accordance with IS: 1741 – 1960. It is employed in the creation of mattresses, car seats, sofa backrests, and other pieces of furniture, among other things. Kerala and Tripura may view this as a resource-based industry since they are the States that produce Natural Rubber. However, given the breadth of the market and the disparity in transportation costs between raw materials and finished goods, this enterprise might be launched anywhere in the nation.


Product And Application

Rubber latex Foam based products like Auto-mobile seals & backrest, sofa and other furniture and Mattresses have substantial market in the country. Latex foam Mattress & Pillows is experiencing very large expansion of Market. Latex Foam and Coir mattress are very popular and such mattresses are exported in very large quantities to nearby country like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Thus these products have excellent marketing potential. 


Project Report Sample On Latex Foam

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60 NR The main raw material for the unit is latex, which is accessible locally from Rubber Board. It makes up around 75% of the unit’s total raw material needs. Chemicals like potassium oleate soap solution, sulphur, vulcafor ZDC/ MBT, nonox B/SP, china clay, zinc oxide, etc. are offered by Rubber Board, ICI (India) Pvt. Ltd. at Crescent House Ballard Estate in Mumbai, and Bayer (India) Ltd. at Nagin Mahal on Veer Nariman Road in Mumbai. The cost of raw materials is calculated to be Rs. 66.00 lakhs per year. The current price for rubber is Rs. 13,000 per 100 kg, while it is Rs. 15,000 for imported rubber.

Market Potential Of Latex Foam

In 2018, the size of the world market for latex mattresses was estimated at USD 7.8 billion. The demand for latex mattresses is mostly being driven by a shift in customer preference toward high end lifestyle products. The growing prevalence of back and joint pain at a young age brought on by the fast-paced urban lifestyle has also increased the market potential for this product due to its analgesic qualities.

The fastest CAGR of 7.3% is anticipated for natural latex from 2019 to 2025. Natural latex mattresses are anticipated to see an increase in demand in the near future as a result of growing consumer awareness of eco-friendly products and their reduced impact on the environment. These mattresses are made from rubber tree sap that has been processed with natural, biodegradable materials.

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Market Trend

The intrinsic elasticity of latex has been shown to make mattresses made of it incredibly comfy. Osteopaths, therapists, and chiropractors all suggest it as a pain reliever for persons with back issues. Due to the softness and cushioning qualities of the mattress, it can also help to support the natural alignment of the spine and promote restful sleep. As a result, the demand for latex mattresses is increased since optimal body pressure distribution that supports the spine’s natural curvature also aids in bettering blood circulation. This has a positive impact on health and wellness. 

 Increased instances of back pain brought on by improper sleeping positions are frequently linked to the type of mattress utilised. Studies show that back discomfort affected 27 million Americans who are 18 years of age or older in 2017. As a result, it is anticipated that one of the main causes of back discomfort in adults and adolescents worldwide is sleeping on a low-quality mattress. The prevalence of backache and other joint pain problems has increased among young adults due to a lack of work-life balance, which is predicted to have a beneficial effect on the expansion of the latex mattress market. Studies show that 28% of customers in the 18 to 34 age group regularly work from home or watch TV while they sleep in 2018.