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Pump sets are common tools for transporting and supplying liquids to far-off places. Centrifugal pumps come in a variety of types and are employed in a range of settings, including industrial, home, and agricultural ones. Electric or diesel engines are both acceptable choices for prime movers. Compared to diesel engines, electrical driving is less expensive to operate.


Product & Application of Mono Pump Sets

Mono set pumps are among the most widely used household and agricultural appliances because of their low cost, simple construction, and low maintenance needs.

The term “mono-set pump” refers to a design in which the pump units, an electric motor, and the prime mover are all positioned on the same shaft. The pump set has a centrifuge-like design. This pump set has three advantages: increased effectiveness, decreased maintenance, and a compact design.

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The majority of the time, self-priming or normal designs with a power range of 0.25 KW to 15 KW are available for the pumps used in big quantities. For home and general agricultural uses, these goods are commonly utilized. Mono set pumps to come in a variety of sizes with input diameters ranging from 1/2″ to 4″ with operating ranges of head 20 feet to 110 feet and discharge 9 LPM to 1250 LPM.

Pump sets can also be designed and produced with an aluminum extruded body rather than a traditional cast iron one in the domestic range of 0.5 to 1.0 HP. This mostly lightens the pump’s weight and renders it non-corrosive, extending its lifespan.

Market Potential of Mono Pump Sets

The water pump market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13% to $3.8 billion by 2022. This is mostly caused by the high demand for irrigation and domestic water supply.

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Market Trend

The rapid urbanization, declining groundwater level, and numerous infrastructure improvement initiatives, such as building roads, homes, restrooms, and schools, as well as cleaning up major water bodies and rivers like the Ganges and Yamuna, are driving India’s water pump market at an impressive rate of growth.

Mono set One of the most used tools for supplying water in home and agricultural settings are pumps. Some of these are also utilized by water systems in food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Approximately 800 different large, medium, and small-scale producers are thought to be responsible for the majority of the country’s current pump output, which is believed to be worth around Rs. 3500 crores (US$ 750 million).

The majority of the demand for pumps on the domestic market can be satisfied by the pump producers, and they also export pumps to both industrialized and developing nations. Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi/Haryana, Rajkot in Gujarat, Coimbatore in South India, and the SME cluster are all close by.

The commodities from local sellers are much less expensive, especially in areas where agricultural and domestic water supply are price-sensitive. The top suppliers on the market are Best Pumps, Falcon Pumps, Sam Turbo Industry, Sulzer, Jyoti, Shakti Pumps, WPIL, and C.R.I. Pumps, Kirloskar, KSB, and other well-known manufacturers.