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Oxygen cylinders/tanks are medical devices meant to provide supplemental oxygen to patients. An oxygen cylinder should only be used if a qualified medical professional recommends it. When a person requires more oxygen because their blood oxygen levels are low, this is often done. 

Blood oxygen levels can be determined using a device like a pulse oximeter. One measures SpO2, or oxygen saturation. A healthy person should have SPO2 values above 95–92%. It could be advised to use more oxygen if it drops below this. The doctor will determine if the usage of an oxygen cylinder needs to take place in a hospital setting or if it may be done at home if such a recommendation is made. 

The frequency or duration of oxygen therapy will also be determined by them. The cylinder contains 100 percent pure oxygen gas. The oxygen must be clean in order to be completely pollution-free. In order for patients and hospitals to use these oxygen cylinders, a purity check must be maintained. 

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The shipping and automobile sectors depend significantly on fuel gases like oxygen, propane, and acetylene for welding and cutting. Liquid nitrogen is frequently used in the production of steel and the recycling of plastic. The chemical industry uses all significant industrial gases as raw materials. 

However, the demand for medical gases in the healthcare sector is substantial and is anticipated to increase over the next years. Given the huge need for oxygen in the industrial and healthcare sectors, now is surely an excellent time for start-ups to build an oxygen manufacturing facility in India.

Oxygen is also used in hospitals to provide life support to patients and treat various diseases. Apart from this, oxygen is also used largely in the industries for the production of steel, plastics, textile, etc. Oxygen is a crucial component in the life support systems in submarines, aircrafts, space crafts, etc. It requires oxygen to be produced artificially on large scale to meet industrial needs.   


Market Potential Of Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturing

The market for medical oxygen gas cylinders was valued at USD 15.41 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% to reach USD 23.64 billion by 2027. 

Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Market, Global Size, Trends, Competitive, Historical, and Forecast Analysis, 2021–2027 The development of product options for medical oxygen systems for homecare settings and hospitals, as well as the increased prevalence of chronic diseases and Covid-19 instances, are some of the major reasons driving the growth of the worldwide medical oxygen gas cylinder market. 

For therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, medical personnel regularly need medical oxygen gas cylinders. Medical oxygen gas systems, like oxygen concentrators and compressed oxygen gas cylinders, are frequently used in home healthcare settings and a typical long-term smoking effect, calls for oxygen therapy or supplemental oxygen in order to obtain adequate oxygen levels. Different types of oxygen delivery systems give patients a controlled amount of oxygen. Medical oxygen gas is high-purity oxygen that is utilized for clinical therapies and is manufactured for usage in the human body.


The global market for medical gas oxygen cylinders is divided based on product, technology, end-user, size, cylinder type, application, and region & nation level. The medical gas oxygen cylinder market is divided into three product categories: portable oxygen concentrators and cylinders, stationary oxygen, and oxygen concentrators.  Based on technology,  the medical gas oxygen cylinder market is segmented into home-care and non-home-care segments. The market is divided into 10L, 40L, 50L, and 100L segments based on size. Based on cylinder type, the medical gas oxygen cylinder market is segmented into fixed and portable segments.