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T-shirt printing is the process of printing on a t-shirt. One of the several printing methods is used to apply or print the design on the t-shirt. This work of art could be an intricate design, typography, or picture.

How to start a t-shirt printing business – 

If you want to start a t-shirt printing business, you should be prepared to sell your shirts everywhere. You can sell your printed t-shirts online in two different ways: on marketplaces and through your own website. Because there is a lot of money invested in the products, marketplaces are easy to use. Find out more about the advertising tactics that merchants employ, such as sales, discounts, and coupons.

Identifying Your Design Niche: If you target a specific demographic with your t-shirt sales, you might successfully market your business. The actual potential of your target market, however, can become clear if you work in the specialized design sector. Check the competitors once more before deciding on your field of t-shirt design. If you discover an untapped niche, you can experience rapid growth.


T-shirt Production: If you want to succeed in the market, you must provide the best products at the best prices. To test the supply chain model, you might need to choose a few vendors, ask for samples, discuss branding options, set deadlines, choose quality standards, and place an order for a batch. After selecting your desired manufacturer, you may choose to introduce your brand on both your own website and markets.

T-shirt Printing Options: The most effective technique to target specific audiences is through customized printing and order fulfillment. For a modest quantity of items, digital printing is the recommended method for t-shirt printing. Screen no more than a handful of appealing designs and connected designs that can be printed digitally. Keep track of views and sales for each design to determine the most popular screen printing designs so you can increase your profit.

Sample Project Report Of T-shirt Printing Business

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Display Printing – This method of t-shirt printing is widely utilized throughout the world. It’s definitely the greatest option if you want to print more than 20 t-shirts at once with designs that have fixed colors. Benefits of this: Durable, affordable for large quantities, with a variety of printing options, and with volume discounts for printers

Printing Direct to Garment – Direct-to-garment printing is a rapidly growing method for printing T-shirts, especially for e-commerce orders. Printing full-color images are simple. Completing online orders and managing fleeting events, is the finest option. Benefits include the ability to print patterns in full color, no installation fees, and quick printing.

Market potential

The size of the worldwide t-shirt printing market was estimated at USD 3.9 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% from 2022 to 2030.

There is a trend in the fashion industry toward wearing apparel that is personalized. Additionally, customers’ rising disposable income allows them to spend on clothes that are specially made. People love donning personalized t-shirts with particular slogans or logos printed on them as a result.


Businesses are using customized t-shirts increasingly commonly as a component of contemporary branding methods to market their brands, goods, or services. Businesses, especially start-ups, employ this strategy to broaden brand recognition and attract new clients. Therefore, it is anticipated that a sizable portion of market growth will be attributable to the growing use of bespoke t-shirts as a branding strategy during the course of the projected period.