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A letter inviting someone to a wedding is known as a wedding invitation. By delivering invitations to guests who live far away, wedding invitation software aids customers in achieving this aim at a cheaper cost and in less time. It may be used for both personal and professional needs without sacrificing quality thanks to its personal customization feature and RSVP tracking capability. It enables them to refocus on other crucial wedding planning activities. People were able to communicate online during the pandemic because to the Wedding Invitations card Market.

With the wedding season in full swing, it’s impossible not to notice that the Indian wedding business is massive. In an Indian wedding, everybody spends without considering the return. Every producer and merchant engaged in wedding-related products is looking forward to the season to increase sales. Wedding ceremonies are becoming more lavish with every new year. People did not consider the expensive wedding reception which has now became a trend and may even be a habit three decades ago. Nevertheless, no one is grumbling, at least not the merchants and related actors, because of the enormous financial potential that it brings.


The Indian wedding business is presently valued around Rs 180,000 crore and is expanding at a rate of 15 to 20% each year. In India, the projected cost of a marriage without any expenditures omitted may range from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 3 crore.

Market Potential Of Wedding Card

Invitation card for a wedding Since the industry has experienced considerable growth rates over the past few years, it is predicted that the market would expand significantly between 2021 and 2028.

A wedding invitation is a letter that invites the receiver to a wedding. Wedding Invitation Software enables consumers to achieve this goal at a lesser cost and saves time by sending invitations to people who live far away. Its personalization function and ability to track RSVPs make it suited for both commercial and personal use without sacrificing quality. It enables folks to concentrate on other key wedding planning events. During the pandemic, the Wedding Invitations Software Market enabled people to connect online.

With every consecutive year, Indian weddings become larger and grander, providing rich economic opportunities to those engaged. Leaving up the fundamental traditional appearance, Indian weddings are now adopting a more professional appearance.

The nation now has a population of about 1.39 billion people, and with a typical family of four members, there are even more than 290 million families in India. With approximately one wedding per 23 years, the country generates around 12 million weddings each year. Every wedding in the India spends an average of 30 to 40 grammes of gold, bringing the overall spend of gold somewhere between 300 and 400 tonnes each year.

Indians are becoming extremely trend conscious, so they want to look  finest at their marriage. Circumstances have shifted in recent years; it is now more about brands, and individuals are willing to invest to appear their best. As a result, the apparel sector is thriving.

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