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Project report for Readymade shirt manufacturing
is as follows.

Clothing is the most basic human necessity after food and shelter. We used to have to rely on tailors to stitch our dresses, but now most of us rely on prepared outfits. When we used to have to wait for the mercy of a tailor for days or even weeks to get a dress stitched, most of us now choose premade clothes in whatever type/size/style/price that we desire and wear them straight away. There is no longer any need to visit textile stores, thanks to the introduction of internet stores. A person can choose his or her dress on a computer and purchase it online while sitting at home. Because the fabric is acquired in bulk, readymade clothing is frequently less expensive than custom-made outfits. The textile industry in India is one of the country’s oldest, stretching back several centuries. After China, the Indian subcontinent is now the world’s second-largest garment manufacturing. India is known for producing high-quality clothing. The garment industry is dominated by small and medium-sized businesses. The textile and clothing industry accounts for 14% of industrial production, 4% of India’s GDP, and 15% of the country’s export revenues. Textiles are also a labour-intensive industry and one of the top employers. With a population of over 45 million people, the industry is one of the most important sources of employment in the country.

Market Potential Of Readymade shirt manufacturing

India’s significant economic growth has resulted in increased discretionary income. As a result, product demand has increased, resulting in a massive domestic market. The domestic apparel and leisure products market, which is now valued at US$ 85 billion, is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 11.8 per cent to reach US$ 160 billion by 2025. India is currently in its second phase of development, with a significant increase in domestic demand. This is mostly due to the rise in the middle-income groups, which has resulted in an increase in the standard of living. Every special occasion brings out the desire for people from all walks of life to dress up in appealing, high-quality attire. Customers from all socioeconomic classes, including the upper-middle class, are targeted by this unit. The primary concentration is on children and students. When the unit achieves traction with domestic sales, export is considered a long-term goal.

Around the unit are several industrial, educational, commercial, service, and financial entities. The majority of the residents in the area are middle-class and have significant purchasing power. In the town and surrounding areas, there are a large number of ready-to-wear clothing stores. This unit will be able to sell the items in those stores. To boost sales, an internet gateway is also being developed. Personal contact with some of the garment shops by the promoter will aid in the promotion of the merchandise.

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