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The project report for Restaurants is as follows.

The foodservice industry in India is expected to exceed USD 95.75 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.3 percent over the projected timeline. The foodservice business in India seems like one of those fast expanding sectors that has witnessed outstanding development over the last decade and will keep rising significantly throughout the projected timeframe. The India restaurant industry is highly driven by a large proportion of the country’s youthful and working population. The existence of structured retail space assists the sector in encouraging the growth of local and international businesses in a variety of forms.

The unorganized restaurant sector in India is primarily controlled by businesses in the industry. The organized sector restaurants in India are only available in tier 1 and tier 2 locations and are unable to meet the requirement of many other regions. Owing to huge urbanization and the development of these established companies as chained restaurants, the organized sector would obtain a large market share throughout the projected timeframe. The biggest worldwide foodservice firms are heavily invested in service innovation while they plan the meal menus for Indian cuisine.

Market potential & Strategy

The India restaurant industry is driven by reasons like increased frequency of dining out, experimentation with different dishes, and rising brand awareness.  This has resulted in full-service restaurants dominating the Indian market. With a considerable increase in the working population from across nation, an increasing number of people are engaging in outdoor events such as shopping trips with relatives, family, and friends, vacation plans, and so on. As a result, Indians’ propensity for dining out has considerably contributed to the nation’s foodservice sector. Interestingly, shopping and informal dining have been the most popular motivations for Indians to eat out in 2020.

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