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The Indian school sector can be categorized into different categories as per the educational level offered, like pre-school, primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary.

Mostly on criteria of possession, it may be divided into government , local authorities, privately supported or unaided institutions and, on the grounds of affiliation, may be divided into Indian or foreign board affiliations.

School education in India has historically been marked by overpopulation of classrooms and inadequate learning in the school.

Market Potential Of School

The main driver of the Indian school sector is the large population in the nation and a substantial lack of schools to offer good education. With an ever-increasing population of about 1.37 billion, India is the second most populous country in the world behind China. This is a major customer base for the education industry.

Another factor that drives the Indian school sector is the large amount of financial support earned from both government and private institutions. This has resulted in massive improvements to education facilities in both rural and urban areas.

In addition, initiatives including the New Education Policy (NEP), the establishment of Eklavya Schools, etc., initiated by the government to encourage girl’s education as well as offer equal opportunities for all, have also made the market more competitive.

In addition, technological advances in strategies of teaching, like smart classrooms, digital libraries, virtual reality, etc., have also rendered learning more engaging for children and have a significant effect on the Indian school market.

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