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The project report for Sesame oil is as follows.

The nation is facing a trend change in the use of sesame oil due to the growing use throughout various cultures, ayurveda, different massage oils, etc. Sesame Oil is among the ancient edible oil in the planet. It is derived from its seeds of the ancient cultivated plants, called sesame. Sesame oil is very common throughout the southern regions of India, and Asian countries, the USA, etc. The Sesame oil market in India is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5 per cent mostly during forecast period 2017-2022. It  is a vegetable oil with such a color varying from light yellow to amber oil extracted from sesame seeds.

The key use of such a oil has been used in food preparation, the oil can also be used in decorating salad, makeup as well as other health and wellness items. While use of this oil in many other sectors, like cosmetics, was not dramatically high, the use of sesame oil as a food has increased as patterns in healthy lifestyle increase.

Market potential & Strategy

The edible oil market is likely to be controlled by numerous Indian and international companies due to the nations’s rising dependence on imports in the coming years. The global market for sesame oil is categorized on the basis of its use, product type, distribution system and area. Depending on its use, the global demand for sesame oil is divided into 3 different segments: food, cosmetics and dietary supplements. Sesame oil is commonly used it as a cosmetics, often as a rejuvenating, hair-conditioning oil and also as a skin toner. Sesame oil is often used as a basis for the seasoning of different dishes in European cuisine.

The usage of this oil for cooking purposes is significant, but the usage in cosmetics and dietary products is on the rise and the demand is encouraged to produce at a comparatively high demand during the predicted period.

The product category section of sesame oil contains: brown sesame oil, light yellow sesame oil and golden sesame oil. The light yellow oil is mostly obtained from cold pressing and is made directly from raw, while the darker forms are obtained from roasted / toasted sesame seeds.

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