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The project report for Shoe Manufacturing is as follows.

The Indian footwear sector has established a strong connection in the global supply chain. However, this sector continues to be overtaken by companies that primarily appeal to the home market thru the handcrafted production environment.

Specific footwear centres and segments of companies in conventional footwear groups have formed strong links with the export industry. The leather industry is among the ancient known industry in the world. It has many elements, such as tanning, footwear and leather products, such as clothing. The modern leather business continues with direct guidance from the British Governments.

The first newer tanning began in 1857 (Kumar, 1997). The first advanced footwear business began in 1887. Even so, the footwear company primarily focused on traditional craftsmanship. In the 1967 industrial policy, the leather industry, such as shoes, was confined to both the small-scale sector. At the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, 100% of export-oriented footwear industry sectors were encouraged on a larger scale, allowing large-scale industries to re-establish themselves.

Market Potential Of Shoe Manufacturing

The sector is ready to implement advanced and state-of-the-art technology in line with demanding global standards and regulations. India generates more men’s shoes, whereas the world’s largest manufacturing is women’s shoes.

In the scenario of chapels and sandals, and use of the non-leather substance is common on the home market. Leather shoes produced in India include dress shoes, casual shoes, moccasins, sports shoes, etc.

Non-leather shoes produced in India are shoes, sandals and caps created of rubber, plastic, p.v.c. and other components. In the current situation, there is indeed huge competition in the industry for this product. This product is much more advantageous for agro-business as well.

The towns, therefore, just want to wear it. Because it’s also a fancy dress, the sewing work is done to make it more appealing and engraving.

Project Report Sample On Shoe Manufacturing

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