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In badminton, a shuttlecock, often known as a bird or birdie, is a high-drag projectile. Starting a company making feather shuttlecocks is simple to do in India. In addition, anyone with a bit of sum of money to invest may get started in this line of work. You may also begin this venture from the comfort of your residence. However, you’ll need a lot of room for it. Playing badminton necessitates the use of the shuttlecock. There are also 16 feathers and a wooden cork in a top-grade shuttlecock.

As far as production goes, it’s relatively straightforward. The product also provides the business owners with a valuable source of income. Feathers, plastic, or a synthetic replacement inserted in a cork or rubber foundation make a concave conical shape. The design of the shuttlecock makes it incredibly stable in the air. Flying cork will always be first, regardless of how it was oriented at the start. While feathers are comparable in price to high-quality plastics, they are significantly less durable.

Plastic, for example, may survive for many matches without any loss of flying performance. It is recommended that feather shuttles be replaced every three or four games (or sooner if they are damaged and do not fly straight) or sooner if they are damaged. It is impossible to play with a shuttle that has been damaged, as any defect might cause the shuttlecock to fly in the wrong direction. Most skilled players prefer feathers, and only the highest-quality shuttlecocks are used in competitive play.

Market potential & Strategy

Between 2021 and 2031, the shuttlecock market is predicted to increase by more than INR 74,5200 crores, outpacing the world’s worth by that much. Shuttlecock manufacturing and sales have risen as a result of the growing popularity of badminton as a pastime and an increase in sports activities throughout the world. Badminton, which is also a form of relaxation, has become increasingly popular among the millennial generation.

Many people throughout the world like badminton. Men, women also use the feather shuttlecock, and even children to play badminton. And badminton requires the use of this particular piece of equipment. A feather cock’s life span is also relatively short. After a given amount of time, this necessitates regular updates. Two good players in a set often use feather shuttles. Big-hitting athletes will use 3 through 5.

As a result, individuals are becoming more aware of their health and wellness. And badminton has become a popular form of exercise in recent years. Consequently, the demand for this product is rising each year. Shuttlecock sales boomed in the region because of the widespread love of sport and a large 18-35-year-old populace. On the other hand, Shuttlecocks have grown in popularity as a result of the recent success of Asian players on the world scene, which has led to an increase in demand for shuttlecocks. Thanks to significant players like Yonex and Lin-Ning being around, it has also been feasible for customers to get their hands on better shuttlecocks

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