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Project report for Soya Chunks Manufacturing is as follows.

Soy Chunks are teeny-tiny granules made from soybeans. For vegans, they’re an excellent natural source of protein, while for others, they’re a nutritious meat replacement. Soy granules and soy chunks are frequently interchanged, but they vary in one important way: size. Soy chunks are smaller in size.

Soy granules are produced as a byproduct of the soy oil extraction process. Soy flour is retained as a leftover when the soy oil is extracted, and it is defatted and used to make soy granules and chunks. Nicely textured vegetable protein comes in two forms: chunks and granules.

The soy chunk industry is divided into three categories: natural, packaged, and distributed. The worldwide soy granules market could be divided into organic soy granules and standard soy granules based on nature type. The soy chunk industry is divided into three categories based on packaging: carton packaging, cans, and sachets.

The type of packaging selected is determined by the location where the item is being sold. The soy chunk market is divided into direct and indirect sales based on the distribution platform.

Market potential & Strategy

Because soy granules provide a protein supply for customers that is equivalent to meat but much less expensive, they may be used as a meat substitute, particularly in a vegan diet. The appropriate storage of different comparable goods is a concern, however this difficulty is solved in the instance of soy granules, since dehydrated soy granules may be readily kept for up to 12 months.

Soy granules are used in a variety of ways in the home to prepare food and drinks in different parts of the world. Soy granules are high in minerals, vitamins, lecithin, and isoflavones, and are helpful in reducing cholesterol, preventing bone loss, and preventing cancer.

Medical professionals recommend soy to pregnant women, cardiac patients, diabetic patients, and elderly people in order to enhance their health. Soy granules are a significant non-fish source of omega-3 fatty acids, that improves its ability to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Each of these advantages given by soy granules appear to be the driving force behind the worldwide soy granules market.

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