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The project report for Stationery shop is as follows.

Traditionally, stationery meant a wide variety of items, including paper and office supplies, writing tools, glue, pencil case, etc.

The top and normal branded products, flooded the market with the liberalization of the market, whereas high-priced versions have been sold in small, elegant way-side stores.

One believes for any global brand and here it is. Whether Parker, Cross, Mont Blanc or Cartier, this included designer and status symbol pens.

Market Potential Of Stationery shop

India Stationery sector has an enormous expansion possibility as the nation has approximately 22-24 crore people studying and needing books and other stationery materials.  

Growing numbers of schools and offices, changed living standards and shifts in focus from low-cost to high-quality products due to the quickly growing economy are among the key factors that might drive growth for the stationery market in India over the next 6 years.

Government policies, including the National Education Policy and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, to assure low price and quality mandatory education for all, also would increase the development of the stationery market in India.

The world market for writing products is estimated at approximately USD 38 billion, from which the international pen market contributes almost USD 30 billion.

The growth of the global market is fairly small. India stands among the best in the world in terms of the performance of pens, well ahead of even China.

But India’s export market is incredibly low at Rs 2bn, whilst also China exports Rs 50bn of pens each year. The Indian corporate gift section is valued at more than a billion, rising at 15%.

The Indian market comprises about 15 large-scale, 100 mid-size, and 900 small-scale production units. They have a cumulative manufacturing capacity of more than 10 million pieces per day.

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