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Project report for steel foundry is as follows.

Global castings output increased by 5.3 per cent in 2017 compared to 2016, reaching 110 million tonnes. Russia experienced the biggest rise in overall supply in 2017, with a rise of 8.3 per cent in output over 2016. China raised its output by 2 million tonnes to 49.4 million tonnes in 2017.

The growing manufacturing of light cars throughout the planet is propelling the global steel foundry industry forward. The rise in lightweight vehicle manufacturing is projected to enhance the market for new cast metal components throughout the globe, as well as the substitution of older metal casting goods with much more thermally saving metal casting technologies.

Sales of moulded castings by businesses that create castings by dropping molten metal onto moulds make up the foundries industry. Iron foundries, steel investment foundries, steel foundries, non-ferrous metal die-casting foundries, aluminium foundries, and other non-ferrous metal foundries are among the several types of foundries.

In 2020, Asia Pacific remained the biggest market in the worldwide foundries industry, with 54 per cent market share. The 2nd largest area, Western Europe, accounted for 18% of the worldwide foundries industry.

Market potential & Strategy

Casting output in India exceeded 11 million tonnes in 2018 and is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 12.7% from 2018 to 2023. Approximately 40% of India’s castings are consumed by the car industry. Aluminium castings accounted for roughly 15% of overall castings output in the nation as of 2018.

Due to the change in need from iron to lighter foundry materials for making fuel-efficient automobiles and electronic vehicles, the market is anticipated to grow significantly by the ending of 2023. (EVs).

The expansion of the foundries industry is helped by the projected economic growth in several developed and emerging nations.

Developed economies are anticipated to increase at a steady pace over the projection period. Furthermore, during the projection period, developing markets are predicted to grow at a somewhat quicker rate than established countries. During the projected period, stable economic development is likely to enhance investments in end-user markets, therefore propelling the foundries industry.

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