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Children and teenagers should be encouraged to eat milk products since this is the time in their lives when they are forming lifetime habits and reaching their peak bone mass.

Milk, a liquid released by female animals’ mammary glands to nurture their young for a time starting soon after birth. Domesticated animal milk is also an essential source of nutrition for humans, either as a fresh fluid or processed into a variety of dairy products such as butter and cheese.

Milk is a liquid food produced by animals’ mammary glands. It serves as the principal source of nourishment for young animals (including breastfed human newborns) until they can digest solid food. Colostrum, or early-lactation milk, contains antibodies that improve the immune system and thereby minimise the risk of numerous illnesses. Milk also includes a variety of other nutrients, such as protein and lactose. Milk eating across species is relatively rare; many humans ingest the milk of other animals.

Dairy milk is obtained from farm animals as an agricultural product. Dairy farms generated around 730 million tonnes (800 million short tonnes) of milk from 260 million dairy cows in 2011. Although India is the world’s biggest producer of milk and the top exporter of skimmed milk powder, it exports very few additional milk products. Because of the rising demand for dairy goods in India, the country may ultimately become a net importer of dairy products.

Market potential & Strategy

Despite increased knowledge about the harmful effects of sugar, the milk industry is likely to rise at a healthy rate in the foreseeable future. Milk contains artificial or natural flavours, food colourings, and sugar. Because of the emphasis on high-temperature pasteurisation, milk market goods often have a longer shelf life than plain milk products. As a result, the milk industry meets a significant demand for chilled milk products. Major milk market participants also offer syrups and milk powders, which are in high demand due to their delicious flavour.

Tastes and flavour are assisting in the worldwide growth of the milk business. Consumers all throughout the globe have evolved unique preferences, which market participants must cater to. As per Coca-Cola Amatil, a significant bottler in the Asia Pacific, South Australia is unusual in its use of flavoured milk, which exceeds the region’s consumption of cola.

The milk industry is also facing significant challenges as a result of increased health concerns in mature nations such as the United States. In 2018, large research assessed over 90 popular milk brands in India. The sugar levels in a flavoured milk carton were found to be comparable to those in a can of soft drink, according to the research. Many of the most popular brands contain a day’s worth of sugar in a single meal.

To go ahead, milk industry companies will most likely create healthier versions of flavoured milk products. Mineral and vitamin-containing milk products may pave the way for future expansion in the milk industry.

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