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Because the garment sector was limited to small-scale production until the late 1990s, the most of Indians were raised in customized clothes. Furthermore, owing to the unavailability of size uniformity in garments, there were very fewer readymade alternatives for customers, who chose to purchase ready-to-stitch fabric and then make the item to their measurement. With the introduction and growth of international and local garment companies in the early 1990s, the Readymade sector gained appeal, particularly in metropolitan areas, and the sector has developed fast and exceeded the ready to stitch section of the clothing industry since that.

India’s current tailoring business may be divided into 3 main sectors. For starters, there is indeed a historic market for local tailoring for the common populace. In this sector, a tailor is a competent individual or group of individuals who respond to local requests. They have had little access to style trends, technology, and product expertise.

They do meet the demands of the local customer in smaller cities and rural regions who dress basic items. Nowadays, mass tailors account for roughly 80% of the industry. Secondly, an increasing number of established garment manufacturers are providing tailoring options in its fabric retail stores.

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Tailors are educated to manage fragile and specialized materials, and they take great care to guarantee that the customized items fit & look correctly. This category accounts for approximately 15% of the market.

Third, there seems to be a luxury tailoring category that includes fashion designers as well as custom or luxury sewing. These fashion designers use its unique tailoring activities that meet the needs of society’s fashion-conscious class. They guarantee that the fitted clothes is appropriate for the client’s character, social standing, and event. This category accounts for approximately 5% of the business.

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