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The project report for Tea rusk manufacturing is as follows.

India’s bread market was estimated at $640.73 million in 2018 and is expected to increase at a rate of more than 10.70%, to attain $1024.54 million by 2023 in terms of revenue throughout 2018-2023. Market forces and demographic trends are constantly affecting supply and demand, broadening the workforce and growing numbers of health-conscious consumers are helping the bread market in India. In addition, a rise in disposable income alongside changes in lifestyle and consciousness of fit and nutritious diet consumption to minimize health problems are a few of the factors that tend to boost bread demand in the next five years.

Bread is a mainstay food that is made and consumed all over the world in most nations. Bread products have started taking numerous forms, each classified according to different and quite different characteristics. Over the centuries, artisan bakers have established our classical variants of bread utilizing their acquired knowledge on how to make use of their available materials to reach the desired value of bread.

For Bread: It is essential to adequately mix all flavours in the correct proportions as per the recipe than to divide the dough into the required portion and then have optimal proofing. Thus able to prepare dough is then subjected to moulding, panning and final proofing accompanied. Dough loaves are properly proven or fermented and afterwards baked at the needed temperature and time period. The cooked loaves then undergo de-panning, preceded by refrigeration, slicing, and packing or wrapping.

For Rusk: Pre-mixing of additives as per recipe to create appropriate consistency doughs. Then the dough is split as well as the pieces are placed in moulds for proofing, preceded first by cooking, then cooling, second baking and cooling once more.

Market potential & Strategy

India is the world’s 2nd largest biscuit manufacturer after the US. The bakery industry is among India’s oldest enterprises, which is rapidly developing and is continually shifting in aspects of product range and services due to the increased nutritional values and availability of bakery products that will drive the bakery market growth over the forecast.

A wide range of local brands and bakeries dominate the industry, offering very little in the aspect of differentiation or creativity. The rusk market in India is projected to be at Rs 900 crore, or as much as 60% of that is unorganized.

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