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Project report for Teak Wood Farming is as follows.

Teak (Tectona lobata) is one of India’s most significant hardwood timber trees, and it grows naturally in the southeastern area south of 24oN latitude. Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh (to a lesser degree), Gujarat, Orissa, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Manipur all have teak forests Teak is a deciduous tree that may grow to heights of more than 30 metres.

Constitute a highly is the best timber for the production of the door, window frames and louvres, waggon and haulage, soft furnishings, cabinets, ships, agriculture products, decorative flooring, and wall panelling due to its moderate weight, adequate resilience, directional durability, easy workability, and finishing qualities.

The leaves are used in indigenous medicine, and their extract completely suppresses Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Flowers are considered to be helpful in the treatment of conditions such as biliousness, bronchitis, and urinary discharge. The leaves contain yellow and red dyes that can be used to dye silk, wool, and cotton.

Market potential & Strategy

Teakwood is highly appreciated for its high-quality timber, good woodworking and finishing capabilities, and most appealing grain, texture, and colour, which makes it extremely valuable and increases its usage for furniture, carving, cabinet building, door and window making, and so on. It has been used to make decking, deckhouses, railings, bulwarks, hatches, weather doors, and planking. Massive teak trees from the Western Ghats region (with high rainfall range) are being harvested.

Often utilized for structural requirements such as ship and boat building, construction, and bridge construction The colour, texture, and grains of teak from the Central Indian area make it suitable for furniture and aesthetic uses.

Teak wood market places and depots may be found in all of India’s teak-growing states. Due to the high demand for teakwood, a teak plantation is unquestionably a successful crop in India and across the world. In one acre, 500 teak plants may be grown. One teak tree yields 10 to 15 cubic feet of wood. Teak plants can be grown from seeds or nursery-raised transplants.

It has global demand and fetches great returns due to its highest timber quality, high durability, lightweight, and aesthetic appeal. Aside from being resistant to water, mildew, and termites, the species is also resistant to cracking, splitting, and bending under harsh weather conditions. Because of their outstanding characteristics, they are in high demand for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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