Project Report For Undergarment manufacturing


The project report for Undergarment manufacturing (briefs,panties & bra) is as follows.

This profile is used to build units for both the manufacturing process of undergarments of cotton, like vests, briefs and panties.

Knitted undergarments have been used and adored by humans due to their good durability, stretchability, smoothness and sweat durability.

Regulations for the configuration units for the production of gentlemen briefs, vests, ladies panties are discussed in the report.

Machinery and raw material needed to start this sector are indigenously accessible. Indian Fashion Retail that is usually projected at Rs 3,22,209 crore is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 7.7 per cent by the next 10 years to attain rs 6,74,037 crore by 2027.

Innerwear has surfaced to be one of the quickest expanding sections of all the fashion categories over the last few years.

A commodity that was previously portrayed as a daily necessity has turned into fashion wear with a stronger focus on styling and comfort.

Market potential & Strategy

Now this industry is valued at Rs 28,981 crore and the inner-wear section contributes 10 per cent of the total undergarment market in 2019.

It is predicted to expand at a remarkable rate of 12 per cent CAGR over the next couple of year to attain Rs 56,364 crore by 2027.

The hosiery industry is a prehistoric textile industry with really fantastic potential both in the local and overseas markets.

The demand for hosiery undergarments is rising for its numerous benefits.

Because of its excellent absorbency, lower costs and ready accessibility cotton undergarments have been commonly used by genders.

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