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The project report for Wire Nails is as follows.

Nail wire is a quite excellently-known commodity, since it is a fairly popular product that is commonly used in everyday life. It can be used for fastening purposes. Its use is so common that this has became a part of everyday life.

Wire nails are needle-shaped, sharp objects made of hard metal alloy for use as fittings. They are generally made from steel, sometimes dipped or painted to avoid oxidation in harsh environments or to enhance adhesion.

Normal wood nails are generally delicate, low carbon or mild steel, whereas concrete nails are stronger. Nails have been used for a variety of purposes and industries, including construction and construction to carpentry.

There is a wide selection of nails, because they are used for several various purposes. Wire nails are needle-shaped, solid substance or alloy items for use as fittings. These are usually made of steel, often coated or painted to avoid oxidation in hostile climates or to enhance adhesion. Normal wood nails are generally delicate, low carbon or mild steel, while cement nails are stronger.

Market potential & Strategy

Many nails are crafted of metal wire coils. The wire is fed into some kind of nail maker that can generate up to 700 nails per minute. The nails can then be more bent or shaped, washed, completed and packed.

India is experiencing a building boom, especially in smaller cities. This has substantially enhanced the market for construction materials, like wire nails, which are intended to maintain up with an upward trend for decades to come. As per the inputs of the sector, just a few percent of the overall demand for local output is fulfilled and, for the remainder, the state relies on the unfulfilled demand from outside output.

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