Project Report For Wooden Furniture Manufacturing


Project report for wooden furniture manufacturing is as follows.

Currently, the furnishing has become an integral element of people’s lives all around the world. For many people, furniture represents more than simply a piece of furniture; it also reflects their economic position. The more unique and costly the furniture, the more prestigious it will be for them. The wealthy tend to purchase items that are extremely restricted, uncommon, or even unique to the globe, and they will pay exorbitant prices for them. Marga Agung has a great potential to join and dominate the furniture business. The enormous property development in Indonesia contributes to this situation. The developers continued to construct mega malls, luxury homes, high-rise buildings, and offices.

Everything has a past. Everything, indeed. That couch has a storey. There are a lot of chairs. You don’t even want to know what’s on your desk.

Furniture is so ordinary nowadays that it’s easy to overlook that each item is part of a long history of technology, art, and fashion. Furniture has been created in a variety of materials and styles, but few have characterised it as consistently as wood. Wood is a widely accessible material that is soft enough to work with, light enough to transport, and strong enough to last. As a result, wooden furniture has played an important role throughout human history. So grab a seat and let’s chat about furniture.

Market potential & Strategy

The wood products sector dominates the Indian furniture market. The natural resources of numerous tree species grow in India, and the wooden furniture business employs both local and imported wood. India is one of the world’s major importers of wood. However, the furniture industry in India contributes just a little portion of the country’s GDP (around 0.5 per cent). The appeal of traditional furniture has resulted in a rise in demand for wood-based furniture in recent years. The COVID-19 epidemic has temporarily halted furniture production activity in the country, however, due to the extra time a customer spends at home due to lockdown, and remaining at home to stay safe, demand for wooden furniture in the country has grown. With more employees working from home and students learning from home, the need for study tables, work tables, and home office settings aided the industry in producing greater profits.

The household sector drives demand for wooden furniture in the Indian market, owing to buyers’ desire in using hardwood in their homes for a variety of reasons such as closets, living room furniture, and home décor. This is increasing the demand for furniture such as couch sets, dining sets, beds, and chairs, which are also projected to rise rapidly in the future years. Aside from that, demand for engineered wooden furniture is increasing in big cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and others.

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