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CMEGP loan Maharashtra objective is to create job opportunities in rural and urban parts of the Maharashtra state and to continuously and sustainably employ a significant portion of traditional and future artisans, rural and urban jobless youth, throughout the state.

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CM Employment Generation Program Maharashtra


The Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme (CMEGP), which is essentially a credit-linked subsidy program to provide employment possibilities, has been launched by the Maharashtra State Government. This program will establish micro and small businesses in the state’s rural and urban areas, creating employment possibilities. The Maharashtra government’s Industries Department will provide administrative oversight over the implementation and monitoring of CMEGP program. Additionally, this initiative will be carried out by the Directorate of Industries and Banks through the District Industries Center, Maharashtra State Khadi, and Village Industries Board.

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CMEGP Loan Maharashtra

Benefits Of CMEGP Loan Maharashtra

  • The Maharashtra government has announced the Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme (CMEGP) 2022, which will offer employment possibilities to the state’s youth.
  • This state government initiative essentially functions as a credit-linked subsidy scheme to create jobs in the state.
  • This program will develop work possibilities in the state’s rural and urban communities by establishing micro and small companies.
  • The project cost for micro and small businesses established under this scheme has been set at Rs 50 lakh.
  • Additionally, the Directorate of Industries and Banks, which oversees the District Industries Center, Maharashtra State Khadi, and Village Industries Board, will carry out the state government’s plan.
  • Subsidies will be given to the specified bank under this scheme by the Directorate of Industries.

Objective Of CMEGP Loan Maharashtra


The Maharashtra State Government’s Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme (CMEGP) 2022’s major goal is to create 1 lakh micro and small businesses in the state over the course of the following five years. Through this program, the state will see an increase in employment opportunities. Through this program, the Maharashtra government hopes to establish a total of 10,000 businesses in the state. To meet this goal established by the state government, the Directorate of Industries agencies would be given district-by-district targets. Approximately 8 to 10 lakh young people from the state will receive jobs through this program in the first fiscal year.