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Startup Scheme Tripura objective is to create job opportunities in rural and urban parts of the Tripura state and to continuously and sustainably employ a significant portion of traditional and future artisans, rural and urban jobless youth, throughout the state.

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The Tripura government has launched an initiative called Startup Tripura with the goal of creating a robust ecosystem for supporting businesses and innovation. This initiative’s main goal is to encourage sustained economic growth and create a significant number of job opportunities in the state of Tripura. The implementation of this startup plan will last from 1 April 2019 to 3 March 2024. Tripura Startup Scheme is a government initiative to promote entrepreneurship. It provides financial assistance, mentorship, and infrastructure support to eligible startups.


Startup Tripura is open to companies that are centered on services or information technology. 

Note: To qualify for the incentive under this program, the startup must not have been registered or incorporated for more than 4 years as of the application date.


Sample Project Report 

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Startup Scheme Tripura

Incentives For Startups Scheme Tripura

State Goods & Service Tax Reimbursement (SGST):

The unit can pay the relevant department the SGST and receive a refund each year. Only SGST payers are eligible, and for the first three years of business, the initial total turnover cap is INR 1 Crore.

Payment of Patent Filing Fees :

The incubated startup enterprises would receive reimbursement for the cost of filing a patent application up to a maximum of Rs. 2 lakh for each Indian patent granted. There is a maximum reimbursement amount of Rs. 10 lakhs for granted foreign patents.

Compensation for Capital Investment :

The state government would subsidize up to 80% of the project’s total cost, up to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh, when the Start-up council accepts the business plan and the product evaluation.

Objective Of Startup Scheme Tripura

  1. To be able to afford the necessary infrastructure support for Tripura startups.
  2. To enhance the state’s startup culture through strategic investment, legislation changes, and other programs.
  3. To aid and bolster the state’s existing incubators and accelerators. to promote the establishment of new incubators in the state working with the private sector.
  4. To provide a solid institutional structure for this program’s efficient monitoring, implementation, and assessment.