The prime minister on his video call announced the new ‘Transparent Taxation. The release of Faceless Assessment, Faceless Appeal, and Charter for Taxpayers. While Faceless Assessment and Charter for Taxpayers will enter into effect from 13 Aug, Faceless Appeal will be fully accessible from September 25, 2020.

faceless tax

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Under govt’s Faceless appeal process, appeals will be allocated at random to any officer from across the nation, and the identity of the officer deciding the appeal remains unknown. In addition, the decisions are made based on teams.

Up to now, all tax-related issues in an area are dealt with by that city’s IT department, that city’s IT officers have a major role to play. Now on, utilizing modern technologies, a randomly selected IT officer will carry out scrutiny anywhere around the country, “PM said.

Below are the attributes of the Faceless Tax system

  • Appeals to any IT officer in the nation be allocated at random.
  • It will remain unclear to identify the officers who decide the appeal.
  • The taxpayer won’t have to visit either the income tax headquarters or the officer.
  • The appellate would be evaluated and Team-based.

Exceptions of the Faceless Tax system

The Faceless Appeal exclusions involve severe fraud, major tax evasion, sensitivity, and search matters. International taxation and Black Money Act & unnamed Property are also excluded from the scheme.

All through on his video call, Narendra Modi said that the intention is to make ITR filing system smooth, painless, and faceless.

PM has also prompted citizens to be accountable and pay taxes.

In the course of all of these attempts, the number of individuals filing ITR has boosted in the last 6-7 years by around two and a half crores. However it is also correct that which is still very much less in a nation of 130 crores, “the Prime Minister said.

There was scrutiny of 0.94 percent of all tax returns in the year 2012-13. This statistic has dropped to 0.26 percent in 2018-19. This implies the case scrutiny has been decreased by nearly 4 times, “added PM.