How One can Register a Digital Marketing Agency

How One can Register a Digital Marketing Agency – You must first register your business with each of the available business structures in India before you can start a digital marketing company there. You have the following choices for registering your business structure:

  •  Proprietorship firm registration
  •  Partnership  registration 
  •  LLP registration 
  •  Company registration 

A digital marketing agency firm earns money by delivering sales and lead-generating services through an online platform.

This is Register a Digital Marketing Agency

How One can Register a Digital Marketing Agency

Proprietorship firm business 

If you want to start a digital marketing company on your own but don’t want to spend any more money.

Create your own business. For this kind of firm, this is the most straightforward and popular small business /startup. The registration and compliance requirements don’t cost much money, and this form also needs the personal account number you used to register this corporation.

You must include your personal tax return in the Business Income section when submitting a tax return with the owner’s firm. You will get a predetermined flat-rate tax subsidy and will be taxed appropriately as part of income tax regulation.

Partnership firm Business

If you do business with one or more partners, you may start a business using digital marketing, and the partnership firm business model is highly popular in the Indian market. It greatly simplifies the management of registration and compliance. You are the only individual needed to file a tax return that firm registration is required to file only if the company’s articles of incorporation change. Company registration does not require financial reporting from the partnership.

LLP Business Form 

The business form of LLP is nothing more than a limited liability partnership. In this case, restricted liability advantages give substantial benefits to partners in the event of LLP insolvency and liquidation. Unless the partner gives any personal guarantee, it will not influence or commit to the partner’s own assets. With a few exceptions, tax systems and partnerships and limited liability partnerships are largely the same since the same regulations apply to both organisations. The LLP name must be extremely clear for limited liability partnership registrations, and no corporation or brand must be registered in the Digital Marketing Services category.

Private limited company business form

Private limited liability corporations are India’s most common corporate form, offering the advantages of a corporation as well as limited liability. Before forming a limited liability corporation, it is necessary to understand its business structure. Shareholders and directors are provided by this corporate structure. Shareholders are investors in a corporation who supply funds for the firm’s operations. Directors are concerned with the duties and power required to operate the firm efficiently. Other directors and shareholders might be the same individual.

The corporation pays directors, even part-time directors, for the services they give. Attendance at board meetings might be paid for by the firm. A private limited company is the only type of limited liability firm that may provide workers with stock options.

Stock options are an essential programme for all expanding businesses that need staff. Employees are given the opportunity to acquire business shares at a predetermined price in the future under the stock options system (all of these conditions are stated in the ESOP program). When a company’s worth rises greatly as a result of its success, the wealth of its employees rises dramatically as well. 

For registration of all the business structures, the applicant needs to provide the KYC documents and KYC for the business address place

  • Following KYC documents are required from individuals
  • PAN
  • Bank Statement with current address
  • Photo
  • Mobile No
  • Email id

KYC Documents For The Business Place

  • Electricity Bill
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Rent Agreement, if the business is rented 

Here are 7 Steps for Starting a Digital Marketing Agency in India  

Step 1.- Create A Business Website 

You’ll need a smart and amazing website to showcase your service before you establish a digital marketing firm or agency in India. You also need high-quality material, like the most successful Indian bloggers, who started blogging from zero, earned millions of dollars, and established digital marketing firms for others, not just websites. Create your own WordPress blog or website with amazing themes like Thrive themes that are simple to install and SEO-friendly.

Step 2.- Form A Social Media Profile With Viral Content 

Create social media profiles for your company or digital marketing firm. Get Likes by creating viral content on your social networks. Many Facebook pages in India started from scratch and now have millions of likes and serve as digital marketing agents.

Step 3.- Apply For A Google Certificate And Become A Google Partner 

Become a Google partner by obtaining Google certification. You may get access to a variety of perks by becoming a Partner, including exclusive events and training, industry research, certifications, and more.

Step 4.- Choose A Project From Freelance Sites In India. 

Start accumulating jobs on platforms for independent contractors like Freelancer or Upwork, or on any of the numerous other websites where you can find True freelancers for hire and freelance digital marketing projects from a variety of big and new clients.

Step 5.- Register Your Digital Marketing Agency Or Company In India. 

You may start a digital marketing business as a sole proprietor in India, and as it grows, it can simply change into a private limited company.

Step 6.- Content Is King 

Create a fantastic blog on WordPress, Blogger, or anyplace else, then publish quality industry-related content and submit it offline.

Step 7.- Create A Landing Page As A Demo Project 

Create a landing page, run an email marketing keyword campaign, collect leads, and share a few convenience shops, prior projects, and live examples with you.