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Project report for Agricultural implements is as follows.

Indian farming relies heavily on farm machinery to increase output while reducing expenses and requiring less human and animal work. Mechanical structures and equipment used in agriculture and other agricultural activities are called “agricultural machinery.”. Many agricultural devices include threshers, cultivators, over plows, seed drills, and chaff cutters.

They reduce the amount of time and effort needed to carry out agricultural tasks. Over the past few decades, India has made significant advances in the field of agricultural equipment. Farmers in India employed animal- and hand-powered equipment and tools to pulverize, compress, and level the soil before independence.

As a result of the Green Revolution, many farmers began using modern agricultural instruments, including combine harvesters, rice transplanters, power tillers, threshers, and tractors, as well as pumping sets and irrigation systems.

Hand and power tools and tractors with their plethora of farm implements are all examples of this sort of equipment. Both organic and non-organic farming employs a wide range of equipment. Mechanized agriculture has made agricultural machinery an essential element of the world’s food supply.

There are several sub-industries within the farm machinery and engineering business. That manufactures and maintains tractors, agricultural machinery, and agricultural tools. The machinery industry encompasses this branch.

Market potential & Strategy

Agricultural equipment in India will be worth INR 7750 crores by 2020, according to industry forecasts. The rising earnings of Indian farmers have increased the need for farm equipment in the country. Another factor contributing to the rise in agricultural equipment demand is the severe lack of qualified farm workers.

Farmers have also been encouraged to acquire new agricultural equipment by generous subsidies offered by the federal and state governments. In agriculture, equipment such as tractors, harvesters, plows, and cultivators are used to aid in various tasks.

To get a low crop yield in less time and less effort, the usage of agricultural instruments is essential. In the farming implements sector, a developing tendency is to turn conventional farm tools into more advanced implements. In terms of revenue contribution, the North American market dominates the worldwide agriculture implementation market.

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