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Project report for Besan Manufacturing Plant is as follows.

Besan is made mostly from the grinding of Gram. This is an essential food because it contains a lot of protein and vitamins. It is known in India as Besan flour and is used in a variety of Indian dishes such as ‘besan laddu,’ Bhajia, Pakode, Paraths, Curry, and so on. Gram flour is also utilised in the preparation of market-available quick mixes and sweat meals. Chickpea flour, also known as chana or gramme flour, and besan flour, is widely used in India and areas of the Mediterranean.

It also works well as a thickening in curries and as a coating for many types of fries. It is a vegetable egg alternative that is high in nutrients and can be used in place of egg coatings in a variety of recipes.
Pulse milling is primarily a small-scale industry, with small-scale development being prioritised. To boost productivity and performance, there is a clear need to modernise. The CFTRI in Mysore has also constructed a new Dal Mill that produces higher-quality output.

Market potential & Strategy

India is the world’s largest growing country, accounting for 61.65% of the world area under Bengal gramme and 68.13 percent of total world production in 2002. Bengal gramme is commonly regarded as a nutritious food. It’s a high-protein addition to cereal-based diets, especially for the poor in developing nations who are vegetarians or can’t afford animal protein. The lysine content of pulse proteins is high, whereas the sulphur content of the amino acids is low. It is the most effective solution for preventing protein deficiency in vegetarian children and nursing mothers. In our country, Bengal gramme plays a critical part in human nutrition.

In 2019-21, India exported over 12,000 tonnes of besan valued at Rs. 7800 lakhs to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Kuwait, Canada, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and other countries (APEDA). Besan is a nutrient-dense flour that is widely used in Indian cuisine. The increase in demand is also attributable to expanding population and exports of besan-based products.

BESAN is a powdered, dried, and cuticle Bengal Gram product. Bengal gramme flour, often known as besan, is widely consumed in India. It has a yellowish tint and a distinct flavour and smell of Bengal gramme. True besan flour must not contain khesari dal or any other colouring material.

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