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Making biscuits is a traditional hobby in many regions of the country. Despite the introduction of sophisticated, high capacity, and automatic biscuit manufacturing factories, a substantial segment of the population, particularly in semi-urban and rural regions, still prefers fresh biscuits from local bakeries since they are inexpensive and come in a variety of flavours.

These producers can also appeal to the usual local palate. As a result, they can compete with organised sector entities.

In the worldwide market, prominent firms are making significant efforts to get gluten-free cookies to shop shelves.

According to an independent research study, a rising number of Americans are avoiding gluten-containing foods, although the prevalence of celiac disease has remained stable in recent years.

This opens up chances for bakery producers to introduce gluten-free sweet biscuits to the market. NFF is the leading maker of gluten-free and milk-free sweet biscuits in India.

Market potential & Strategy

Consumers’ growing need for convenient eating combined with nutritious components is driving the market. Furthermore, because eating on the go is the most current ongoing trend and one of the primary concerns for customers when purchasing food goods, it has emerged as a significant driver driving the industry. Furthermore, regular product introductions with novel formulations such as low fat, gluten-free, low carbo, organic, and high fibre biscuits to entice customers drove market growth. Sweet biscuits are the fastest-growing sector in the typeface segmentation by type, thanks to their delicious flavour and healthful components.

Aside from new product development and marketing communications, the firms are also involved in a variety of in-store promotions. These in-store promotions are likely to revolve around money-saving offers, such as extra value packages or buy-one-get-one-free deals. others who are riding on increasing e-commerce growth and vying for a significant slice of the online biscuit space.

Gluten-free processed food items such as bread, crackers, and biscuits have seen significant growth in recent years across the worldwide market, particularly in Asia-Pacific. India has the world’s highest number of celiac disease patients. However, the number of gluten-free food products accessible in India is far from enough. As a result, gluten-free food items, particularly gluten-free biscuits, have enormous potential in the Indian market.

Customers’ knowledge has driven manufacturers to utilise dependable raw materials for biscuits; moreover, customers’ willingness to eat a growing number of healthy snacks pushes the industry. According to Transparency Industry Research, the global biscuit market was worth $76 billion 385 million at the end of 2017. According to the same research, the biscuit industry is anticipated to reach 109 billion 960 million dollars by the end of 2025.

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