Project Report For Chicken Processing Plant


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A chicken processing factory, also known as a poultry processing plant, is a facility that receives live chickens, slaughters them, and turns them into different poultry items for human consumption. These operations play an important role in the meat business by effectively and hygienically processing enormous volumes of chickens. The arrival of live chickens from poultry farms usually starts the process in a chicken processing factory. The birds are held in designated holding facilities upon arrival and are assessed for health and quality. Any hens exhibiting symptoms of sickness or other problems are isolated and eliminated.

The hens are then stunned to make them unconscious and lessen stress and discomfort during slaughter. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, including electrical stunning and controlled atmospheric stunning. Stunning is a necessary humane practise in the chicken processing industry. After being stunned, the hens are transferred to the slaughter line, where their necks are slashed to guarantee humane and effective bleeding. The hens are bathed in scalding water after bleeding to aid feather removal. The feathers are then mechanically plucked or de-feathering devices are used to remove them.

Following feather removal, the chickens are eviscerated, which removes their internal organs. This is done meticulously to maintain the meat’s cleanliness and quality. After that, the carcasses are cooled to prevent bacterial development and keep them fresh. 

Following chilling, the birds can be processed into a variety of cuts or products, including entire chickens, chicken pieces, boneless cuts, ground chicken, and value-added goods such as marinated or breaded chicken. These procedures frequently include cutting, deboning, portioning, packing, and labelling in accordance with market demands.

Project Report For Chicken Processing Plant

Types Of Chicken Processing Plant ​

Fully Automatic Processing Plant: A completely automatic chicken processing facility is designed to handle a large number of chickens in a short amount of time. Each procedure is automated and mechanised, with little or no human labour necessary. Depending on the capabilities of the technology used and the business itself, fully mechanised chicken processing plants may process up to 50,000 birds each day.

Semi-Automatic Processing Plants: A semi-automatic chicken processing factory is often located on the farm where the hens are reared and is suited for small to medium-scale companies. Some procedures are carried out with the aid of machinery and some with human labour. Slaughtering, defeathering, evisceration, washing, and weighing are among them. Semi-automatic chicken processing systems are designed to handle up to 2,000 chickens per day, depending on equipment capacity and human labour size.

Manual Processing Plant: A manual processing factory is likewise intended to handle a limited number of birds each day. All surgeries are carried out by hand. As a result, such a factory can only process a few hundred chickens. Depending on the number or size of employees, manual chicken processing systems may process up to 500 birds each day.

Market Potential Of Chicken Processing Plant ​

The size of the global market for chicken processing plants was estimated at USD 4.53 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to increase to USD 8.46 billion by 2030, rising at a CAGR of 7.13% over the forecast period (2023-2030) from USD 4.87 billion in 2022.

A sizeable market share for poultry processing equipment is anticipated to belong to chicken. There are many processed chicken items on the market, including smoked chicken, sausages, nuggets, gammon and bacon, which could increase chicken sales. There is a rising demand for chicken products from both producers and consumers of poultry products since it has lower production costs and product pricing than other poultry products. Sales of chicken meat are anticipated to rise in the upcoming years because of its distinctive flavour, adaptability, and texture.

By 2022, the fresh processed sector will have dominated the market. The surge in demand for convenient and packaged food items as a consequence of hectic schedules and a rising number of working women has raised demand for processed food products. 

In compared to home-cooked cuisine, packaged meat and poultry products are gaining appeal in many places. Thus, a growth in demand for convenient meat and poultry products is projected to boost demand for poultry processing equipment and, as a result, drive the market.

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