Project Report For Event Management


The project report for Event Management is as follows.

Today, many companies, charitable organizations and interest groups hold events to brand themselves, create business connections, raise funds, or commemorate the accomplishment. The event management business surge in India started in the 1990s with the liberalization of the economy and started from around starting of 2002. Ever since it’s been increasing at a rate of 16% and is anticipated to rise at 20% in the near future. The industry’s capacity to adjust and develop with innovative products is driving its exponential growth. According to the EY-EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) report, the event business in India is projected to cross the 10 000 crore target by 2020-21. Virtual activation, sports leagues, rural expansion and greater government advertising strategies are key development factors for event management in India. The reality television fad in the shape of tv programs, dancing and singing contests has significantly contributed to the creation of the event industry.

The team’s service to execute and handle different activities. Particularly weddings, business meetings, get-togethers, etc.

Market potential & Strategy

Business potential is measured primarily by measuring other factors, and primary with them is the scope and position of the business, the expected enterprise of the event management company so that the population size of the areas falls below the size of the business sector.

Because the planned company is an event planning service, the key target customers or service are weddings and other activities, so demographic and psychographic segmentation is expected to take place, age-based demographic segmentation, gender, income and social class are important.

As it demonstrates that a vast amount of customers fall within these categories, which consists of a significant majority of the youth of both sexes in the age section under 30 that can transform into potential customers in the form of weddings for the company. In terms of income class, large parts of the upper and lower-middle classes and their families often fall under the scale of the market, which gives the market more opportunity.

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