Project Report For Leather Shoes Manufacturing


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In India, the footwear industry is a critical component; in fact, it is the development engine for the whole Indian leather sector. After China, India is the world’s second-largest footwear producer, accounting for 13% of the worldwide footwear output of 16 billion pairs.

India manufactures 2065 million pairs of footwear in various categories (leather footwear – 909 million pairs, leather shoe uppers – 100 million pairs and non-leather footwear – 1056 million pairs). About 115 million pairs are exported from India.

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Chennai, Ranipet, and Ambur in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai in Maharashtra, Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Jalandhar in Punjab, Agra, Delhi, Karnal, Ludhiana, Sonepat, Faridabad, Pune, Kolkata, Calicut, and Ernakulam in Kerala are the key production areas in India.

The footwear manufacturing business employs almost 1.10 million people. Dress Shoes, Casuals, Moccasins, Sports Shoes, Horrachies, Sandals, Ballerinas, Boots, Sandals, and Chappals made of rubber, plastic, PVC, and other materials are among the footwear exported from India.

Project Report For Leather Shoes Manufacturing

The footwear industry has now been de-licensed and de-reserved, allowing for the capacity increase on contemporary lines with cutting-edge technology.

To aid this process, the government has approved 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment in the footwear sector via the automated approach. Creating an industrial climate that is conducive to attracting foreign investment and boosting cost competitiveness

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Footwear imports (including leather and non-leather) grew by 2.1 percent from US$ 124.43 billion in 2013 to US$ 134.943 billion in 2017. In 2017, India’s import share was 2% of total world imports.

The largest markets for Indian footwear in 2016-17 were the United States (14.6%), the United Kingdom (14.4%), Germany (12.2%), France (6.4%), Italy (4.8%), Poland (4%), UAE (3.7%), Spain (3.3%), Belgium (3.2%), and the Netherlands (2.5%). Together, these ten nations account for 80.53 percent of India’s total footwear exports.

India’s footwear exports are almost entirely to European nations and the United States. Future growth in Indian footwear will be driven by market factors. In Europe and the United States, India’s footwear is quite popular.

The leather industry in India is being propelled forward by footwear. In 2016-17, India’s footwear exports were US$ 1933.13 million, accounting for 45 percent of the country’s overall leather exports of US$ 5739.93 million.

Leather footwear exports from India climbed from US$ 2018.18 million in 2015-17to US$ 1933.13 million in 2018-19. India’s footwear component exports climbed from 320 million dollars in 2012-13 to 335.24 million dollars in 2020-21.