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Project report for Liquid Oxygen Plant is as follows.

The enormous second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic has reached a new low point, with India reporting almost 4.12 lakh fresh cases on Thursday, despite a 7-fold increase in need for medical oxygen.

As a result of an unusual increase of Covid-19 cases, hospitals in numerous areas are experiencing a scarcity of oxygen and beds.

The majority of hospitals lack self-contained plants that create oxygen for patients. As a result, hospitals frequently use liquid oxygen, that can be kept in cylinders and carried in tankers. However, in the midst of the spike, supplies in hard-hit areas such as New Delhi are dangerously low.

Because the illness impairs pulmonary function, liquid oxygen is essential for the treatment of serious Covid-19 patients. Among the most prevalent symptoms in individuals with serious Covid-19 is breathless or trouble breathing. It also reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to different regions of the body. As a result, they require oxygen treatment, which is provided via medical oxygen.

Market potential & Strategy

There is no question that the epidemic has affected the whole world, with a large number of people dying as a result. As a consequence of the virus’s respiratory hit and rupture, that some of the immunocompromised population’s respiratory health is being impacted, resulting in a greater need for oxygen for sufficient supply into the patient’s body, placing enhanced stress on the government to begin the implementation of as many oxygen plants as feasible to fulfill the demands.

As a result, the need for medical oxygen plants have progressively increased, as the oxygen consumption is rising not just in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centres, as well as in personal health care settings. Because the pandemic hit the world, the industry for Oxygen Plants has seen skyrocketing rise, and with the graph not anticipated to completely drain in the near future, the product market is projected to have solid development in the next 3 years.

As the government is keen to take high-level initiatives to ensure sufficient product availability, large sums of money are being poured into the project, which is reliant not just on domestic manufacturing, as well as on steadily increasing reliance on private market players for the conversion of their industrial oxygen plants to medical oxygen plants in attempt to face the urgent situation.

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