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The Indian lubricant market is anticipated to grow CAGR of 4.64 per cent mostly during the projected period 2018-2023. Increased vehicle demand and the raising manufacturing sector are the main variables pushing the sector to the growth of the industry.

Lubricants are primarily used throughout the manufacturing sector for the healthy operation of machinery. They can also be used in the automotive sector for the smooth running and durability of motors and other parts.

Lubricants are present in the liquid, semi-fluid or solid-state and offer unique features, like high viscosity index, excellent thermal conductivity, low freezing temperature and high boiling point, both of which help to minimize resistance between the surfaces of the industrial machinery and the frequency of damage without sacrificing operating performance. Increased demand from the automotive sector is an important driver for India’s lubrication market. The purchase of new motor vehicles in the country has been steadily rising, primarily due to increased earnings of the middle class.

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Today, preserving the quality of costly properties is much more critical than before. A new plant needs optimal lubrication or media transmission. The application of the appropriate viscosity and the right amount of chemicals is of the greatest priority in the prevention of damage and destruction of costly technology. Likewise, almost every middle-class home has had at minimum one car, so the demand for lubricants is already on the rise, creating a large market for oils. India’s industrial lubrication market was estimated at $1.28 billion in 2017 and is estimated to rise to $1.67 billion by 2023, following solid growth in building and mining throughout the region.

Increased demand for specialized oils is expected to boost the country’s industrial lubrication market, in addition to government measures aimed at improving infrastructure and rising the emphasis of manufacturers on improving their product portfolio. In the financial budget for FY19, the Government of India declared a USD 61 billion spending on infrastructure upgrades throughout the nation.

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