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The project report for Mushroom Farm is as follows.

It is known that the mushroom is often viewed as an edible object right from the very life of a human. It is classified as a chlorophyll-free plant and meat in vegetables and is present in loads of varieties, with moreover 2,000 variants listed in the category of edible mushrooms. Weather is a crucial factor driving the rise of mushrooms. Button Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Milky Mushrooms etc. are grown to fit the climate of India. Between them, the button mushroom is grown for business reasons. Milky mushrooms and pink mushrooms are also grown in Kerala Climate. Mushrooms are at the top in terms of taste, smell, protein and medicinal properties in food products.

The ideal mushroom has high-quality proteins and a good share of vitamins. It’s the healthiest diet to shield the heart and nervous systems. Mushroom is an effective and useful meal for all, regardless of age. It is an appropriate tonic for anaemia, particularly in pregnant women and children.

Market potential & Strategy

The global mushroom sector size is projected to reach $50 billion within the next 7 years due to the massive demand for mushrooms from the past years. Mushrooms are expected to be proficient for nutrition as they produce minimal sodium and gluten material. Low fat and cholesterol quality is expected to result in increased customer perception of mushrooms. Mushrooms, which are classified under vegetables, contain various components like potassium, vitamins and selenium. Main mushroom products comprise shiitake, button, oyster as well as other items including paddy mushrooms, milky mushrooms, reishi mushrooms and winter mushrooms. Oyster and Milky mushrooms get a strong domestic demand.

The market could be additionally divided by its usage, which involves dried and refined groups. The demand for mushrooms in the processing industry has increased considerably in recent years. Processed mushrooms are sold as canned, dried and frozen. Apart from these types, processed mushrooms could include pickled mushrooms, dried mushrooms and mushroom sauces.

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