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Project report for Paneer Manufacturing Plant is as follows.

India has seen a tremendous increase in milk output over the last several decades as a result of the success of the Operations Flood initiative, which was launched in the 1970s and is one of the nation’s biggest and most prestigious comprehensive dairy developmental activities. It has led to India being the world’s greatest producer and consumer, surpassing a record level of 104.8 million metric tons (MMT) for 2008, accounting for 15% of total global milk output (NDDB 2009; Bhasin 2009).

Paneer is a high source of high-quality protein that is very inexpensive and serves as an essential supply of animal foods for vegetarians. In addition to having a high protein content and digestibility, paneer has a biological value of 80 to 86. Paneer is also high in fat, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium and phosphate. It has a rather extended shelf life when refrigerated.

Good paneer has a milky white colour, a sweetish, moderately acidic taste, a nutty flavour, a squishy body, and a densely knit, silky texture. The PFA (2010) defines paneer as a “product produced from cow or cultured buttermilk or a mix thereof, by precipitation with sour milk, lactic acid, or citric acid.” It must not include more than 70% moisture, and the fat content must not be less than 50% stated on dry matter.” Milk solids can also be used to make paneer.

Market potential & Strategy

The worldwide paneer size is forecast to reach 1.9 million tonnes in 2020, according to the research. Fusion of multi tastes and cuisines, the prevalence of paneer in western fast-food restaurants, rising population, and changing dietary habits are some of the major reasons fueling global demands for this commodity.

The paneer market in India was valued about 75,000 crore in 2019-20 and is expected to grow at a 15-18% CAGR from 2020 to 25.

Protein has recently emerged as one of the most in-demand functional food components, thanks to the popularity of Greek yoghurt in the US market. With this trend exhibiting no indications of abating, producers have made steps to improve customer impression of protein-rich cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese has garnered favourable media exposure as a high-protein cultured dairy meal that competes effectively with Greek yoghurt and quark, and it has attracted consumer interest due to its flexibility.

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