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Pickling is the process of preserving fruits and vegetables in salt and vinegar. Pickles can be made without or with partial or total fermentation. 

Spices, edible oil, sugar/jaggery, and other ingredients are used to improve the product’s taste and palatability. 

Pickles are therefore a tasty appetizer that aids digestion by increasing the flow of gastric fluids. 

The nutritional content of pickles varies depending on the type of raw material used and the manner of preparation, such as with or without vinegar. 

Pickle production has grown as an industry in the nation. Commercial goods include mango pickle, cauliflower, turnip, carrot (mixed vegetable), Enola, lime/lemon pickle, and others.

Food preservation is a fermenter caused by lactic acid-producing bacteria found on the surface of commodities. 

Lactic acid bacteria (active at 30C) ferment fermentable sugars in food to produce lactic acid and volatile acids. 

The acid and brine react with vegetable cells to generate a distinct flavour and aroma. Pickle scent. 

If oxygen is not present, salt and lactic acid are produced to preserve the pickle by inhibiting the formation of putrefactive bacteria. 

Cucumber and olive pickles that have been fermented are very frequent. 

Pickle is made using one of the following techniques, which are then finished and packed.

Market Potential Of Pickle

A common method of preparation is to preserve pickles, sauces, and chutneys using common salt, seasonings, and vinegar. In pickles, salt is frequently used in combination with acid as a preservative.

The minimum concentration of salt required to work as a preservative is around 12%. As an antioxidant, it prevents enzyme browning/discolouration.

Consumer preferences for various cuisines and flavours have also been boosting product interest. Consumer preferences are changing, and there is a growing desire for organic goods, which is a key trend in the food sector. 

To meet customer demand, makers of packaged pickles are using organic veggies and fruits. Sikkim State Co-operative Supply and Marketing Federation Ltd (SIMFED), a northeast Indian marketing federation, released a wide selection of organic food goods, including packaged pickles, in November 2017. SIMFED worked on this initiative with Qseal Agritech Pvt Ltd., an Indian organic agricultural company.

These products include vinegar, potassium, and salt, which helps to reduce muscular cramping and improve performance. 

As a result, packed pickle juice has grown in favour among athletes all over the world. For example, The Pickle Juice Firm (TPJC), a U.S.-based company, developed a sports drink specifically for female athletes in April 2018 and even led the Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team to promote and motivate female racers.

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