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Project report for potato chips manufacturing is as follows.

They’re typically served as a snack, side dish, or appetiser. A serrated blade is used to cut ripple potato chips. The potato slices are cleaned to remove the starch that oozes onto the potato’s edge after it is sliced. The potatoes are then placed in a vat of vegetable oil that is constantly bubbling at 190oC (375oF). The water within the potato chips turns to steam as they cook. 

George Crum developed the potato chip in 1853. the brand credited with creating the original potato chip is back on shop shelves. George Crum developed what is now America’s favourite snack in 1853 by frying a thinly sliced Yukon Gold potato in cottonseed oil and seasoning it with sea salt. 

In general consuming chips and other fried, fatty foods can lead to a poor diet, leading to weight gain and severe health impacts. Chips are high in B-complex vitamins including B5 and B6, as well as potassium. They also have traces of fibre, protein, and other elements.

Market potential & Strategy

Potato chips are one of the most popular food foods consumed worldwide. These are thin slices of potato that have been seasoned and fried till crisp. When potatoes are fried, the sugar in them combines with amino acids and becomes brown, resulting in the yellowish-brown colour of potato chips. Furthermore, potato chips are prepared and kept in such a way that they are resistant to microbiological deterioration, chemical and enzymatic activity, and moisture or other vapour migration. For a long time, the flavour, texture, and colour of the chips stay unaffected.

The expansion of the organised retail sector is now benefiting the worldwide potato chips industry. Previously, a lot of global players were unwilling to offer their products in emerging markets due to a lack of infrastructure, storage facilities, and adequate knowledge of new markets. However, as the number of organised retail outlets grows, more players are investing in these sectors. This is expected to result in increased usage of potato chips during the next few years.

As the worldwide population’s health consciousness grows, numerous potato chip producers are introducing value-added products that are healthier than regular potato chips. Products with lower fat and calorie content supplemented with healthy components, lower cholesterol, and so on fall into this category. Gluten-free, non-GMO certified chips produced with sea salt, natural colours and flavours are becoming more popular than regular chips. Aside from that, potato chip producers have increased their expenditure on different R&D efforts in order to bring more diversified goods to the market and so enhance their product portfolio.

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