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Garlic is a member of the plant family that includes onions. Because of its unique flavour and aroma, it is used to add flavour to food. In most Asian nations, garlic is recognised as one of the most significant crops.

It has a wide range of nutrients and offers a number of health benefits. There is always a market for garlic because it is used in almost all Indian homes. Chutneys, curry powders, and curried veggie and meat dishes are just a few dishes that use garlic. It is frequently used as a typical treatment for a number of illnesses.


Garlic/Garlic Peeling health benefits: 

It might be able to use raw garlic to fend off cold and cough infections. The best results come from consuming two smashed garlic cloves first thing in the morning. Strings of garlic cloves are said to help children and neonates with congestion by being wrapped around their necks.

Garlic has a substance called allicin that prevents LDL from oxidising (bad cholesterol). This lowers cholesterol levels and strengthens the heart. Garlic consumption on a regular basis lowers the risk of blood clots and aids in thromboembolism prevention. Additionally lowering blood pressure, garlic is advantageous for hypertensive people.

Garlic, especially raw garlic, can aid with stomach problems. It benefits the intestines and reduces inflammation. Intestinal worms can be removed with the help of raw garlic consumption. The advantage is that it protects the helpful bacteria in the stomach while eliminating the dangerous ones.

Garlic prevents DNA deterioration and protects against free radicals. Zinc from garlic increases immunity. Infections can be avoided with the help of vitamin C. It is quite effective in treating ear and eye infections due to its antibacterial properties.

Garlic helps prevent acne and decreases acne scars. Blisters, rashes, cold sores, psoriasis, and rashes can all be treated with garlic juice application. It also provides UV radiation protection.

Garlic decreases the expression of the genes that create the fat-storing adipose cells. Additionally, it boosts thermogenesis, which causes the body to burn more fat and lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol).

Project Report Sample On Garlic Peeling

The global market for garlic is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.7% between 2022 and 2027.

The demand for garlic is rising across several industries, notably the processing sector where pickles and curry products do well. Garlic is widely used in herbal medicines and pastes. The vegetable is well known for its use as a flavouring agent in a variety of cuisines. China produced 20.7 million tonnes of garlic in 2020, followed by India with 2.9 million tonnes, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. The following three countries are the top producers of garlic: South Korea, Egypt, and Russia. Garlic is the most important crop in several Asian nations. Asia-Pacific thus controls the entire global market for the consumption of garlic. Every household consumes garlic, and it is also utilised in food manufacturing. Due to its numerous uses in the food and healthcare industries, garlic powder is in high demand and driving the market. Additionally, it is utilised in a number of food preparations, including tomato ketchup, chutneys, pickles, curry powders, curried vegetables, and meat and meat product preparations. Prices for garlic are growing, primarily in Europe. The flow of Chinese garlic to Europe is generally consistent. In the middle of 2021, the export price of garlic was about 10–15% more than it had been the year before.

A significant portion of the world’s production of garlic is grown in an area where temperatures range from 12 to 24 degrees Celsius. Since China exports the most garlic worldwide, it tops the list of countries that export garlic. A growing understanding of garlic’s therapeutic advantages is fueling the global garlic industry. Even after being processed or combined with other foods, garlic maintains all of its antibacterial properties, making it a superior choice for medical applications. Both fresh and frozen garlic can be ingested. Garlic has anti-rheumatic, carminative, and digestive properties, thus demand will keep rising as demand for organic and Ayurvedic products rises.

Project Report Sample On Garlic Peeling

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