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A unique fluid that contains all the necessary nutrients in one convenient container, milk plays a crucial role as a source of sustenance for infants. The most significant source of nutrition, second only to staple diet grains, for a large number of people is milk. 

Today, a sizeable portion of the dairy sector is dedicated to the manufacture of dried milks and milk-related goods. Due to their improved storage qualities, reduced storage space requirements, and lower shipping costs, dried milk and milk products are likely to be produced at a higher volume in the future. Due to its superior preservation qualities, non-fat dry milk is produced at a higher rate than whole milk powder.


Product & Application of Skimmed Milk Powder​

Instant skimmed milk powder can be used in a variety of ways, including bakery products, chocolate and confectionery, ice cream and other desserts, and soups and sauces. Because of its high solubility, skimmed milk powder can be used to make instant milk. Fresh skimmed cow’s milk is used to make skimmed milk powder. After pasteurisation and standardisation, the milk is thickened and spray-dried to produce a powder.

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Benefits of Skimmed Milk Powder​

1. Improves Bone Health – Skimmed milk contains nutrients that promote bone strength and reduce the risk of      osteoporosis in children

2. Muscle function is improved – Skimmed milk powder is high in calcium. It is required for muscle and nervous     system function.

3. Increases cell growth – Skimmed milk powder is a low-fat milk with a high protein content that aids in the          proper development and growth of cells, tissues, muscle, and bones.

4. Improves heart health – Skimmed milk powder reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and protects against other cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke.

Manufacturing Processing

In storage tanks are collected the fat-free (skim) milk that was received from the cream separator. It is pumped onto the surface of the rotating metallic drum that has been heated with steam to a temperature of between 85 and 90 degrees Celsius. The dryer’s steam pressure should be at 69 lb/sq inch (12 degrees Celsius). On the surface of the roller drum, the milk is dried into a thin coating. By using a stationary steel scrapper that is attached to the roller and gathered by a screw type burrer, it is taken out. It is then ground to the proper mesh size and packaged.

Market potential Of Skimmed Milk Powder

In 2020, the Skimmed Milk Powder Market was worth US$ 35.42 billion. The global Skimmed Milk Powder market is expected to grow at a 12.8% CAGR. In 2027, the market is expected to be worth US $ 82.30 

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Market Trend

Skimmed milk is a solution of pristine milk’s fragmentary fat and water removal. The protein content of the milk is adjusted in such a way that the quality and essence of the milk are not compromised. Skimmed milk is thought to have a high nutritional value of protein in the human body. 

Skimmed milk, also known as nonfat dry milk, contains a high amount of animal protein and cellulose. Skimmed milk contains metallic elements that help the human body’s muscle growth. 

The demand for Skimmed Milk Powder is rapidly increasing because it has a high nutritional value and is also considered a healthier option for the human respiratory system. It also comes in a variety of packaging and flavours to appeal to a wide range of customers. 

Casitone is widely used in the food industry, which drives growth in the skimmed milk powder market.