Project Report For Youth Self
Employment Scheme UP

Self Employment Scheme Uttar Pradesh objective is to create job opportunities in rural and urban parts of the Uttar Pradesh state and to continuously and sustainably employ a significant portion of traditional and future artisans, rural and urban jobless youth, throughout the state.

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Youth Self Employment Scheme UP


The Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarozgar Yojana is being run with the intention of giving educated young who are unemployed in the state chances for self-employment. Under the programme, banks are permitted to offer loans of up to Rs 25 lakhs for the establishment of enterprises and up to Rs 10 lakhs for the service industry. 

There is also a provision for the state government to offer 25% margin money, with a cap of Rs. 6.25 lakh for industry and Rs. 2 lakh for services. 50 lakhs. The applicant must be an Uttar Pradesh native and a high school graduate in order to be considered for this position. The candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 40 and cannot have a financial institution default on his record. Following review, the application materials of the chosen candidates are forwarded to the bank, where the loan is approved and disbursed.

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Youth Self Employment Scheme UP

Benefits Of Youth Self Employment
Scheme UP

  1. This program will boost employment prospects for the state’s rural and urban residents by fostering micro- and small-business development.
  2. To provide an educated young person who is jobless with a means of supporting himself or his family.
  3. As required by law, the interest rate will change depending on the loan amount.
  4. The state’s unemployment rate will go down thanks to this plan.
  5. The economy of the state will expand as a result of this approach.

Objective Of Youth Self Employment
Scheme UP


To offer all necessary assistance and support to first-generation business owners starting Micro Enterprises, teach them how to develop new ideas, plan ahead, and write project proposals, and assist them in obtaining loans or financial aid through various loan programmes from Nationalized/Commercial banks and Regional Rural Banks so they can go into business for themselves and create new job opportunities.