Warehouse Subsidy

Increasing Demand

Increasing Demand in Agriculture warehouses

Agriculture has been one of India’s most important sectors that not only help the people in rural areas but also makes the country grow and flourish. Agriculture and warehousing go side by side, so there is tremendous demand for agricultural warehouses, with such a rise in agriculture throughout India.

Numerous benefits of having

  • Huge subsidies are accessible on agriculture – based warehouse construction.
  • Regular income earning, which requires little or no presence.
  • India is a hub for agriculture, so warehouses are very much needed.
  • Multiple crop types can be kept in a warehouse, so it is a permanent, and not just seasonal sector.
  • Warehouses involve very lower running and variable costs.

NABARD warehouse subsidy available all over India

Government of India provides subsidies on warehousing routed through NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) and Various Financial Institutions at following rates under the Scheme – New Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure Scheme :-


Capital cost of the project for the purpose of subsidy will be calculated on the Project cost as appraised by the financial institution or actual cost of eligible components as certified by a Chartered Accountant, whichever is lower.

* Hilly area is a place at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above mean sea level.

** SC/ ST Cooperatives to be certified by the concerned officer of the State Government.

Ideal warehouse capacity

As of now there is huge opportunity to earn good amount of rental income from warehouses. For instance in Madhya Pradesh, one can earn Rs. 83 per MT per month or Rs.8.3 per Bag every month on an average basis, for example for a 5000 MT warehouse per month rent will be Rs. 4,15,000 (83 x 5000) i.e. Rs. 49,80,000 in a year.

The current scheme – New Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure Scheme, which was launched in 2018 is currently active.


Validity of this scheme 

Services offered by us for Warehouse Construction

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Paper Preparation

We will assist you in preparation of all the papers required for construction of the warehouse. We will help you with various permissions required, Project Reports, CA Certificates, NOCs, Bank Documents, etc.

We will assist you in raising finances from various financial institutions and banks required for construction of warehouse. We will ensure that you will have adequate finance at all time for construction of warehouse.




Subsidy Claim

We will assist you in claiming subsidy from start to end. We will complete all the papers required for claiming subsidy within the timelines and will ensure that you get the subsidy available on the warehouse.