The GSTR 10 is a document or statement which a GST registered individual must file if they want to terminate their GST registration or close their company, be it willingly or due to a government order.

When to file GSTR 10?

This return must be submitted in 90 days from the period of GST registration termination or the date the termination notice was given, whichever comes first. 

When Should file GSTR 10?

Any GST registered individual who wants to voluntary terminate his/her GST registration or has been ordered by tax authorities.

gstr 10

Is it compulsory to file GSTR 10?

Yes, it is compulsory to be filed by the registered taxpayer if they want to cancel their registration.

Requirements for filing GSTR 10

To submit the GSTR-10 form.

  • You should be a GST registered individual with a 15-digit valid GSTIN who is currently terminating his or her GST registration.
  • Your company’s aggregated turnover must be higher than 20 lakh rupees.

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How to file GSTR 10?

The GSTR 10 forms collect data from individuals who wants/has to terminate their GST registration. Let’s look more closely at each segment.

GSTIN – 15 Digit number

Legal Name – Name of the taxpayer

Business Name – Name of the business

Address – Contains business address

Application Reference Number – If your request to terminate your GST registration is accepted by the tax officials, you will be provided with an ARN, which must be entered here.

Effective Date of Surrender/Cancellation – Mention the date of cancellation as per the cancellation order

Whether cancellation order has been passed – Mention whether it is a cancellation done voluntary or by the authorities. 

If Yes, Unique ID of Cancellation order – Mention the unique ID mentioned on the cancellation order if it is a forced cancellation.

Date of Cancellation Order – Mention the issue date of the cancellation order.

Particulars of Closing Stock – Declare the details of closing stock as well as the specifics of the input tax credit for your closing stock.

Amount of Tax Payable on Closing Stock – Information on the tax you are liable for on the closing stock

Verification – The form must be digitally signed to certifying its authenticity and genuineness.