GSTR 2A contains information related to the purchase that the GST portal produces automatically for each company. Whenever an individual submits his GSTR-1, the data is recorded in GSTR 2A. It obtains details about products and/or services bought in a specified month from the seller’s GSTR-1. You must validate this return prior to actually submitting it to the GST portal.

GSTR 2A is system generated read-only report that is used for informational purposes. GSTR-2 is an authorized return that should be submitted and contains the exact details as GSTR-2A. However, GSTR-2 could be edited.

Who should file GSTR 2A?

You are not required to file GSTR-2A. GSTR-2A is a read-only report that contains a record of all bills received from different vendors mostly during the month. You can even get a copy by downloading it.

Must ReadWhat is GSTR 2?

gstr 2a

How to correct mistakes in GSTR 2A?

The GSTR-2A is a read-only file. Any mistakes the corrections have to be GSTR-2.

Note – If you submit GSTR-2 way before the seller’s GSTR-1, the data would be auto-populated the following month. You would be needed to manually complete and submit all GSTR-2 data. For eg, suppose the seller delayed submitting his GSTR-1 return for February and files it after the deadline on March 17th. You manually complete your February GSTR-2 return and submit it by March 15th. The details from his GSTR-1 would be used in your March GSTR-2A.