GSTR 4 is a form that approved taxpayers who have signed up for the composition scheme must submit a return once every three months. They are also called composition vendors. The GSTR-4 provides the overall number of sales and services made, the tax charged at the compounding rate, and invoice-level descriptions of transactions made by the composition seller by other licenced taxpayers within the taxable period. Once any registered individual buys from a licenced retailer, the details from their sales returns (GSTR-1) would be accessible in the GSTN portal as GSTR-4A which can be used in your GSTR-4. Before filing your return, you can double-check this data, make adjustments if needed, and include any info which was not auto-populated.

GSTR 4 Due Date 

gstr 4

The GSTR-4 must be filed by the 18th of the month after the close of the quarter. For instance, if you are submitting the GSTR-4 for the August-November portion, you must do so by December 18.

Requirement for filing GSTR-4

  • You must be a certified taxpayer and a GST composition vendor.
  • Your company’s aggregate turnover must be less than ₹75 lakh.
  • You can only participate in intrastate trade.
  • You must maintain a list of all purchases and imports rendered during the year.

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Can you revise GSTR 4?

GSTR 4 cannot be modified once it’s been submitted via GSTN Portal.

GSTR 4 Penalties

If the GSTR-4 is not submitted before or by the deadline, a late charge of ₹200/day is charged. The highest penalty which could be levied is ₹5,000.