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Creating a fantastic pitch deck has never been simpler.

Beautiful Design

Every presentation is created to be visually attractive while still conveying all of the required details.

In-Depth Research

All pitch deck are made after conducting in-depth market research and contains all necessary data.

Financial Valuations

Our Pitch Deck contains all the financial statements needed to prove the feasibility of the project.

Our services

Complete Pitch Deck Service

Pitch Deck Content

We take a deeper look into your business to generate presentations which answer all of your queries. Our key goal is to generate information that is both convincing and easy to comprehend. You may take advantage of our expertise designing over 160+ decks.

Pitch Deck Design

In Sharda Associates we have a team of pitch deck design experts that have been working on pitch deck design for a long time. Through our assistance, businesses have been able to obtain more than $30 million in venture financing! Kindly call us so that we could discuss how we might assist you in creating the greatest feasible pitch deck.

Strategy for Fundraising

The appropriate fundraising technique might be the difference between getting financed and not getting funded. We’ll work together to discover the ideal investor for your business and figure out how to pitch them. We can help you create your pitch deck as well as a variety of other papers.

Pitch That Sells

Why Our Pitch Deck Are Best?

Industry Wise Structure

Our Pitch Deck structure is established on the evaluation done of 100+ startups pitch decks from various sectors.

Pitch Decks For Any Purpose

We create every pitch deck to captivate the investor and persuade them of your concept.

Confidential & Trust

We have a suitable scheme in place to start, as well as the signing of necessary mandates, to ensure that your data is kept safe and handled correctly.

Frequently asked questions

A pitch deck is a short presentation, usually prepared with a presentation software, that gives investor a high-level summary of your company strategy. In face-to-face or virtual meetings involving prospective investors, clients, partners, and co-founders, you may often present your pitch deck.

Pitch decks are named from a combination of 2 notions: acetate decks, which were previously used with huge old projectors, and the verb “to pitch,” that refers to giving a business presentation.

A strong pitch deck would be essential in securing venture capital investment. A pitch deck is a short presentation, commonly produced using presentation software, designed to offer your viewers with a quick summary of your company strategy.

Pitch decks are the primary instrument businesses use to communicate with prospective investors, whether by email or in person. It serves as a marketing pitch for investors, allowing them to comprehend the business in the way that they are used to.

Pitch deck should not have more than 10 slides, must not take more than 20 minutes to complete, and be written in at minimum 30 point font. Begin with an introductory pitch slide that summarises your company’s mission and goal in one or two words.